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Choosing the Best Summer Dress

September 26th, 2017
Refresh your warm climate wardrobe with a cool, lightweight dress. From bold printed cotton to lightweight viscose styles there is something for every style at firefly. Sun’s out, water is glistening and temperatures are rising… it’s time to break out a beautiful summer dress. Whatever you have planned, lunch with family, barbecue with friends, going […]

Your Favourites Styled 2 Ways

June 16th, 2017
Today on the blog we are styling our way through the sale. I love this time of year because it’s a chance to get all those wardrobe essentials you need throughout the year, at a fraction of the price. I try to avoid the last minute scramble at the shops to find a dress for a […]

Bloggers Style firefly

May 26th, 2017
We hit social media to see how our firefly ladies and bloggers are wearing their favourite firefly pieces for some style inspiration. Whether you’re living in a colder climate, or moving into the winter months like us – styling is an essential key to keeping your wardrobe fresh without breaking the bank. We’re talking dresses […]

Mother’s Day:The Edit

April 20th, 2017
The day that’s dedicated to celebrating all kinds of mothers in Australia is fast approaching, Sunday the 14th of May . What a great excuse to spoil the people that play mother in your life. Near or far, we are so grateful for all the mothers in this world, for carrying us for nine months, […]

Long Weekend Loves

April 4th, 2017
Holidays are fast approaching and i’m sure you have got your long weekend all planned out…well you’re forgetting one thing. YOUR OUTFITS! But don’t worry – over here at Firefly we have you covered! Our styling team have carefully selected the best of the bunch, so take advantage to make sure there is no last […]

How to wear boots this winter with all your cotton dresses!

August 19th, 2017
A great pair of tall boots are an undisputed fashion staple that every one of us should own as they look fab with cotton dresses as well as jeans and a host of other outfits in between! There are a plethora of styles out there to choose from – heeled, flat, over the knee, knee-high, […]

Chic beach resort wear packing for a smart weekend

August 11th, 2017
If you are escaping to a warmer climate for a chic weekend beach trip, sometimes it is nice to upstyle your beach resort wear for something a bit more chic and smarter than normal. Sometimes a weekend away in a chic beach resort is the perfect excuse to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul! Not to […]

Why you only need 3 pairs of shoes for any trip!

August 4th, 2017
When packing for any kind of trip be it an extended holiday or a weekend away, we all too often focus on the cotton dresses, pants and outfits that we want to take and the shoes or sandals become an after thought! Well here is why you it is important to give your travel shoes […]

5 Top Tips for packing lightly!

August 4th, 2017
How many of us overpack? Whether you are away for a long weekend or a 2 week holiday somewhere, it is so hard to pack lightly and we pack loads of maxi dresses only to bring them all home unworn! Well here are 5 top tips for packing lightly however long you are going for; […]

5 Trendy Trousers: The perfect casual resort wear!

July 25th, 2017
So if you are heading away for a short break or even just looking to add some trousers to your normal daywear in the cooler weather then read our guide to the trousers that are on trend at the moment, perfect for casual resort wear and for travelling, not to mention just chilling at the […]

Train yourself to style up cotton dresses with accessories

May 14th, 2017
So many of us have great clothes, fab cotton dresses, stylish pants and good ideas on how to assemble stylish outfits; but many of us struggle to pair up these outfits with jewelry and accessories. Learning how to style those plain cotton dresses with some jewelry or scarves can make an outfit feel more complete, finished and […]

Six ways to declutter your wardrobe

May 9th, 2015
So it’s definitely time to put away that holiday clothing, unless you are off somewhere soon, but if you are embracing the cooler Autumn weather then it’s definitely time to pack away the holiday clothing, embrace the layers and de-clutter your wardrobe! Here are our top tips on how to declutter your wardrobe!   Why […]

Styling jackets over cotton tops and dresses

April 29th, 2015
So Autumn is officially here! So let’s have a look out how we can style jackets over our cotton tops and dresses, so we are fully embracing the cooler weather yet still making use of our wardrobe. A great style habit to get into is wearing a jacket, then we can stretch our cotton tops […]

Top tips for storing your summer and holiday clothing

April 22nd, 2015
Are you someone who likes to sort their wardrobe with the changing seasons? Pack away the holiday clothing and reorganise for the coming cooler seasons? If you are, then there are a few things you should consider when it comes to packing away your warmer weather clothing, and by following a few simple steps, you […]

Top tips for a stylish wardrobe

April 22nd, 2015
The question is how to keep a simple stylish wardrobe if you find yourself drowning in a 101 types of cotton dress or far too many pairs of jeans? You can’t possibly wear every cotton dress that you own or every single pair of jeans in one season, so now is a good time to […]

Styling up a cotton dress when you’re pregnant!

March 19th, 2015
When you are pregnant there is no need to suddenly change your wardrobe for the next nine months, a cotton dress or skinny maternity jeans with a cotton floaty top, can really show off those curves brilliantly. There are plenty of ways to dress stylishly whilst you are carrying a baby, whatever shape you are. […]

Holiday clothing for a hot and humid climate

March 12th, 2015
If you are planning a trip away soon to somewhere hot and humid, then you may be wondering what is best holiday clothing to pack for this type of climate. Hot and humid summers, such as we get in tropical Cairns, means that it can be difficult to know the sort of holiday clothing you […]

How to choose holiday clothing to best compliment your skin tone

February 23rd, 2015
  When it comes to choosing the right everyday or holiday clothing to best compliment your skin tones, it can be a minefield! Have you ever tried on a top or dress that makes your skin, eyes and face come alive to then try on another dress that is almost exactly the same yet makes you look tired […]

Minimalist packing for a weekend city break

February 14th, 2015
So are you being whisked off somewhere on a city break or beach trip for Valentines Day? Well if you are lucky enough to be doing that, then follow our guide to minimalist packing; with just six essential items from a cotton dress to a pair of sandals, we have got your packing covered! It […]

Choosing the best beach maxi dresses

February 6th, 2015
There is such a plethora of choice in the shops for beach maxi dresses, where to even start to know what works for you and your body. We all need a fabulous array of beach dresses in which to show off our best bits on the beach during the hot summer months, so are you looking […]